Telephone Number Service

Telephone Number Service thought for who needs an exclusive phone line with custom reply to added to your web site and headed paper. Including:

  1. Allocation of an exclusive phone line with custom reply (data which can be added to your company documentation, web site, headed paper)
  2. Telephone Number Service with custom reply
  3. TELECOMMUTING service
  4. Reception service and secretarial service h 9:00 – 19:00
  5. Use of common areas: garden, cafeteria,reception, wifi area
  6. Security Service
  7. To comply with D.Lgs 626/94 “Safety at work” and privacy 675/1996
  8. Display of personalised plate at the entrance of the Business Centre
  9. 2 HOURS per month (not cumulative) of use DAY OFFICE
  10. Support of multilingual secretaries, as you need it:
  • Receive, filter, sort and record every telephone call
  • Take care of managing your appointments, provide information, maintain telephone contact details, notify you of urgent messages by phone, fax, email or sms
  • For the telecommuting service, announce and transfer your calls to another fixed or mobile service, without the caller perceiving it
  • Keep a daily accounting of all your telephone calls
DURATION: yearly (renewable)
GUARANTEE DEPOSIT: € 30,00 (not subject to VAT)
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: on demand and charged to the price list